Typhoon 727 Moulded Disposable Mask FFP2 Box of 10 – BEP160-001-A00

Spirotek by JSP 727 Typhoon™ Valved FFP2AV Moulded Mask
The Spirotek by JSP range of Typhoon™ Moulded Masks are selection of masks covering a wide range of tasks. The whole range features our unique Typhoon™ Valve technology for extremely low exhale breathing resistance for CO2 emissions and heat build-up, and extremely low moisture build-up. The Spirotek by JSP range of masks conform to the EN149:2001+A1:2009 standard.

727 Typhoon™ FFP2AV Features

Tested to -40°c
Typhoon™ valved masks have been tested at -40°c to ensure the masks continue to perform at extremes of temperature.

Typhoon ™ Valve (V)
The Typhoon;trade; valve offers masks the ability to perform in a wide range of environments. The silicone diaphragm installed inside the valves is not effected by moisture. The valves are fully shrouded to ensure optimum protection from dust. Typhoon™ valves also feature a class leading low breathing resistance when compared to competing valves.

Acid Carbon Layer (A)
Incorporated into the mask for protection against organic vapours and gases below the operator exposure level. Neutralises uncomfortable smells.

Adjustable Nose Piece
By adding an adjustable nose piece to the masks we have allowed to fit the mask more closely to the noses profile aiding a good face fit.

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