Unique quality

About flame retardants products:


In order to be able to make flame retardant fabrics and products, Scandic Kjemi A/S developed a processes and chemicals that could replace the patented chemicals from CIBA ( CP pyrovatex) and Probane. In reality, Scandic Kjemi A/S managed to qualitative improve the process, and also making it more environmental friendly, and less damaging to health. The development started back in 1992, and in 1999 we were happy to introduce a new way of gaining a better result. After spending somewhere around 8.000 – 10.000 test tubes during the development process leading up to the finished “concept”, the first ready made products were delivered to the marked.


The result is that the process no longer contains formaldehyde (CP pyrovatex) and no cyanides (Probane) – something that significantly separates our chemical process and product from other manufacturers. In principle, NWC controls every process from purchasing the long fiber cotton, spinning, weaving, chemical derivative work of the fabric/material, forward to cutting and stitching, up to the finished product. NWC is also responsible for certification of the material and finished clothing according to ISO EN 11611 and 11612.


Regarding HiVis materials:


Several of the processes used in relation to flame retardant treatment is carried forward in the process that applies to chromatic materials. Again – Scandic Kjemi A/S spent several years to develope a process in order to get a more durable material that was good enough in order to improve the properties of the fabric. We managed EN 471 without any problems, and later ISO EN 2047:2013 with significant positive margins. Our contributions range from woven and leotards-implemented products to Polymeric and elastomers used in all-season jackets and rain gear has resulted in a wide range of products. At present we are in the process of supplying Multi-norm(Flame retardant, HiVis, antistatic ) fabrics, based on our experience.


Regarding footwear:


NWC are working together with well known shoe factories and sole vendors in China. We normally design our own sole-molds in order to obtain the best properties and play an active part in the product development. NWChave upgraded all our products to ISO EN 20345. We have especially put emphasis on all our foot wear to be SRC tested (anti-skid) and our new sole design show that we emphasizes the safety beyond the security requirements set by the norm.


NWC are also working together with well known manufacturers of protective equipment where we at all times have the opportunity to affect the development and any process of improving products.


NWC delivers head protection, respiratory protection, eye protection, gloves and fall arrest/fall proofe safety according to the same high quality requirements as we ask for our workwear and footwear.


NWC and Scandic Kjemi A/S are companies within the Scandic Holding group.