About us

NWC – Norwegian Workwear Company A/S is a privately owned Norwegian company that produce and distribute workwear.

Background / history:

NWC – Norwegian Workwear Company A/S was established in 2009 under the name: AKS-Engros A/S. The purpose with establishing the company was to carry forward a more than 30 years of experience and expertise within PPE. The purpose and goal is to be able to supply the marked ISO-EN certified products with higher quality compared to what was available on the marked. In addition we aimed to do this more cost effisient for the end user. We believe we have achieved the target. Through our experience with manufactoring in Asia since 1981, we have established our own Organization in Beijing and Hong Kong. Our main areas is HiVis (cromatic ) and Antiflame (brominated flame retardants) workwear and safety footwear.

We have during the past 30 years, considerable knowledge of design / manufacturing / distribution from China has been obtained. Today we have our staff, continuous and direct monitoring of all production in China. All production takes place without costly intermediaries and are under strict quality control.

NWC today: The operation is divided into two categories;

1) NWC distribute our products through resellers. We are currently well represented in the Stavanger Region, Bergen and Oslo. We strive to build a geographical spread of our dealers  throughout Norway.

2) We have a Offshore & Shipping Department – which directly addresses the relevant actors in this audience.

Objective: To produce ISO-EN certified workwear with higher quality than our competitors, in accordance with the latest relevant standards and regulations.

We will offer our products at great prices, and have a large stock of our products in Stavanger. The combination of providing high quality products at the right price, with subsequent fast delivery – we hope will make NWC a preferred supplier to all our customers and dealers.

NWC – “When quality matters”

NWC and Skandic Kjemi A/S are Companies within the Scandic Holding group.